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We have tested and compared TeleMedia HD encoder product with other vendors' products and found their products met our demanding requirements.                                                                                .- An Asian Customer




TeleMedia Systems. is a  high-technology startup based in the Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Founded by seasoned technologists and entrepreneurs in 2011, TeleMedia pioneers patented, real-time multimedia processing and management solution that solves the media networking issues and provides networking video applications and lifestyles for enterprises and individual customers.

TeleMedia provides the following three areas of products and services:

1. Encoder, transcoder and video gateway systems and equipments based on industrial open architecture and leading technology: high compression efficiency, high channel density, low power consumption, high reliability, high flexibility. With a broad suite of open, standards-based products, we offer the highest quality solutions for Digital TV, HDTV, VOD, IPTV, Mobile TV, and connected homes.

2. Cloud-based video networking solutions and services: event-driven video network  real-time broadcasting, enterprises' video networking applications and services, customers-based video network streaming and application oriented video services.

3. Standard and proprietary video processing algorithms and software libraries for video networking solution vendors and service providers.




Solutions we provide

Encoder/Transcoder/Video Gateway systems

High quality, high channel density, low power consumption, industrial standard structured systems for multi-screen and multi-network merging applications

Cloud-based Video Networking Solutions

Cloud-based video conferencing, network broadcasting, video streaming and video monitering

Standard/proprietary video processing algorithms and software libraries

Noise filtering, interlaced/deinterlaced converting, high quality resolution scaling, color tuning, spatial and temporal filtering, video scene change detection, video content detection and recognition, compression efficiency enhancement, and others.