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H.264 and MPEG-2  encoders:

        High channel density or modular H.264 encoders based on the  video industrial standard.-- openGear architecture.    They are high quality encoders for broadcast, mobile, internet and IPTV. ,



     video compression format transcoding between MPEG-2 and H.264; resolution,

     changes on frame rate, aspect ratio, progressive/interlaced scan, network streaming protocol, and transport/file format ;

      bit rate transrating,


Video/audio ASI-IP gateway:

     High channel density media gateway for video/audio ASI port to/from IP port.


Patented Video Pre-Processing and Transport Algorithms and Implementations:

    Software libraries, video processing filters, and streaming schemes for high quality and high efficiency video compression and transporting/streaming..





Solutions we provide

Encoder/Transcoder/Video Gateway systems

High quality, high channel density, low power consumption, industrial standard structured systems for multi-screen and multi-network merging applications

Cloud-based Video Networking Solutions

Cloud-based video conferencing, network broadcasting, video streaming and video monitering

Standard/proprietary video processing algorithms and software libraries

Noise filtering, interlaced/deinterlaced converting, high quality resolution scaling, color tuning, spatial and temporal filtering, video scene change detection, video content detection and recognition, compression efficiency enhancement, and others.