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TeleMedia Systems has the video and networking technology and management team who have industrial  experience with prior companies such as Tandberg Television (now Erricson Television), RBG Networks, Cisco Systems, Texas Instruments, Cradle Technology, Ebay, and others.

Our team are  world top tier experts with more than 40 granted  patents in the video and networking fields.

Our team are industrial veterans with successful products with significant presence in the world market.

Our team pioneer the cloud application in video networking, new HEVC (H.265) network implementation and applications, new web video applications for enterprises and individuals.





Solutions we provide

Encoder/Transcoder/Video Gateway systems

High quality, high channel density, low power consumption, industrial standard structured systems for multi-screen and multi-network merging applications

Cloud-based Video Networking Solutions

Cloud-based video conferencing, network broadcasting, video streaming and video monitering

Standard/proprietary video processing algorithms and software libraries

Noise filtering, interlaced/deinterlaced converting, high quality resolution scaling, color tuning, spatial and temporal filtering, video scene change detection, video content detection and recognition, compression efficiency enhancement, and others.